Change Log: Version 1.8.4

Major Changes

  • Margin Funding – New Options (view)
  • Option to keep margin funding open after being used in a margin position. The default behavior will close funding when it is no longer used. This setting allows you to have more precise control over when margin funding is closed.
  • Option to reduce margin funding using the priority of whatever funding is expiring first. By default, when you reduce a margin position the system will close the most expensive margin funding first. This setting allows you to have the system close the soonest-expiring funding first instead.

Minor Changes

  • Increase minimum wire withdraw to 100 USD
  • Increase minimum wire deposit to 100 USD
  • Trading engine performance optimizations
  • Support for multisig addresses for litecoin withdraws
  • Improve offchain transfers for TetherUSD
  • Improve dynamic lag handling for new orders
  • Misc small fixes
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