ALT2612 Tokenised Bond Makes First Coupon Payment - Bitfinex blog
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ALT2612 Tokenised Bond Makes First Coupon Payment

ALT2612, one of the world’s first tokenised bonds, has successfully paid its first coupon on Bitfinex Securities.

Mikro Kapital, one of the worlds’ leading microfinancing lenders, issued the bond in December 2023 through their Luxembourg-based securitisation fund, Alternative.  Mikro Kapital has a diversified lending book of 300,000 borrowers across 14 countries, worth more than 1 billion euros ($1.09 billion).

The bond bears a 10% coupon and is paid out every quarter, for the lifetime of the bond, which is 36-months. Under the terms of the coupon payout, ALT2612 paid over $130,000 to investors’ Bitfinex Securities wallets in USDt. 

ALT2612 was issued on the Liquid Network, a side-chain of the Bitcoin blockchain, which has been purpose-built for the issuance of assets like regulated security token offerings. Through the ability to enforce transfer restrictions and create whitelists, Liquid securities token offerings allow issuers to meet their regulatory obligations while still allowing investors the ability to self-custody, withdraw, and even trade securities peer to peer.

The issuance acquired debt and equity risks of microfinancing companies, banks, and other financial institutions that offer financing services to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs across Europe, Central Asia, and emerging countries along the historical Silk Road. 

Jesse Knutson, head of operations at Bitfinex Securities, commented, “We are pleased to demonstrate the efficiencies our technology can bring to both investors and issuers and look forward to more issuances with Mikro Kapital in the future.”
For further information about ALT2612, visit Bitfinex Securities and view the AMA between Jesse Knutson and Mikro Kapital’s Michele Mattioda.