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Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard – Release V0.5

The Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard is an internal tool designed to provide our Merchants with powerful reports and features to manage their Merchant crypto gateway.

We’re pleased to share the latest updates to Bitfinex Pay. For more on Bitfinex Pay, please refer to

Merchant Dashboard


  • Billing System added: Now, merchants can generate and edit sales receipts (invoices) for their customers directly from the Merchant Dashboard. This feature is only available for the “Pro” merchants tier. Contact us if you are interested in enabling this feature. Currently, this is only available in English; additional languages will be added in future releases.
  • Addition of FIAT wallets to the “Wallets” menu, now showing merchants balances in EUR, USD, GBP and JPY
  • Addition of “Upgrade to Pro” modal, which will be shown to Basic Merchants who try to access Pro features
  • Export functionality has been added to “Invoices” and “Payments”, allowing merchants to download a CSV with a maximum of 30 days of data


  • Improved the copy of the error shown when the merchant session expires
  • Improved the copy of the error shown when trying to select a date backwards (end date first, then starting date) on the Date filter both in the “Payments” and “Invoices” menus
  • Advanced white label features (upload logo and change payment settings) can now be upgraded through the “Upgrade to Pro” modal in “Settings” -> “Invoice Customisation”
  • Automated emails in “Settings” -> “Communications” are now available in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Taiwan)
  • Updated the copy of the menu “Dashboard” to “Overview”
  • Small copy improvements and typo fixes
  • Improved the design of wallets placeholders, shown while wallets load in the “Wallets” menu
  • Improved the design of “Invoices” and “Payments” placeholders, shown while the elements load in those menus
  • Elements in the “Invoices” menu are now updated dynamically
  • Events in “Invoice Details” -> “History” now show time, including seconds
  • The “Show Unlinked Deposits” filter has been removed from the “Payments” menu
  • Auto-Convert history now shows “0” when there is no fee instead of showing a blank space
  • Added events in “Invoice Details” -> “History” for each time an automated email is sent
  • The “Auto-Convert history” menu design has been improved


  • Fixed an issue causing some settings status not being shown correctly when a Basic Merchant checks “Settings” -> “Invoice Customisation”
  • Fixed an issue causing the position of the logo not being correctly displayed in “Settings” -> “Invoice Customisation”
  • Fixed an issue causing the visualisation of an incorrect amount of fees for BTC and BTC Lightning conversions in “Auto-Convert History”
  • Fixed an issue causing white label settings not being correctly changed
  • Fixed an issue causing the date filter in “Payments” and “Invoices” to not calculate correctly

End Customer Payment Flow


  • We have introduced a periodic payment recalculation in order to have more accurate pricing at the time of purchase, increasing protection for both merchants and customers from potential price volatility
  • Support for overpayments: now, if an end customer sends more than expected, they will see a message informing them of how much was overpaid
  • Support for underpayments: now, if an end customer sends less than expected, they will see a message informing them of how much was underpaid and allows them to generate another invoice for the difference in order to allow them to pay the missing amount


  • If a merchant updates the logo of invoices through “Invoice Customisation”, we will show a small “Powered by Bitfinex Pay” logo below the invoice
  • Receipt “Back” button now redirects back to the completed invoice screen instead of redirecting back to Merchant


  • Fixed an issue causing the invoice expiration countdown to be affected by the details colour in “Settings” -> “Invoice Customisation”
  • Fixed a design issue causing some elements to move outside the invoice container when the merchant name or order ID was too long
  • Increased the size of Bitcoin Lightning and USDt (ETH) QR codes to make them easier to read
  • Fixed an issue allowing end customers to pay with payment options that were disabled via Merchant Dashboard “Settings” -> “Invoice Customisation”

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