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Bitfinex Pay – Release V0.6.4

The Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard is an internal tool designed to provide our Merchants with powerful reports and features to help them manage their Merchant crypto gateway.

We’re pleased to share the latest updates to Bitfinex Pay. For more on Bitfinex Pay, please refer to

Merchant Dashboard


  • Travel Rule flow is now shown on refunds and required for transactions to other VASPs for amounts higher than $1,000 equivalent
  • The Reload Invoices button has been removed from the Invoices menu. Now, all invoice data is updated automatically
  • Added tooltips describing the different payment methods in the Invoices and Payments menus
  • Event names have been updated when exporting Auto-Convert history to CSV
  • Guatemalan Quetzal and Honduran Lempira FIAT currencies have been added to the Dashboard. Now, they can be selected as a preferred FIAT to show all amounts data in the Dashboard and as a base currency to generate invoices
  • Wallet placeholder icons have been set to 8 to avoid icons going off the scroll level
  • The date filter in the Invoices and Payments menus now provides more preset options: Las Week, Last Month and Last 3 Months
  • Added an explainer text in the Payments -> Unlinked Deposits menu providing information about unlinked deposits and a link to our knowledge base
  • Price amount input in the Manual Invoice Generator in the Invoices menu now automatically updates its format to make it more easily legible
  • Modals no longer close when clicking outside of them
  • Updated the design of the payment method column in Payments and added channel field showing either eCommerce or POS invoices
  • The Merchant Dashboard can no longer be accessed with an account without a 2FA setup


  • Fixed an issue causing unexpected results while searching in the Payments menu and expanded search capabilities. Now, payments can be searched using the following criteria:
    • Order ID – exact match
    • Invoice ID – exact match
    • Customer Name – partial match
    • Customer email – partial match
    • Deposit/Ledger ID – exact match
    • Transaction Hash – exact match
  • Fixed an issue causing unexpected behavior when hovering over the feedback button
  • Fixed a design issue with the Expired logo in expired invoice details
  • Fixed a design issue with the Refunded logo in the invoices details menu
  • Fixed the height of the “Mark As…” dropdown in the Invoice Details menu 
  • Fixed an issue causing the channel filter to show in the Unlinked Deposits menu if selected previously in the Payments menu
  • Fixed an issue that caused the equivalent value to be calculated incorrectly for various FIAT currencies
  • Fixed the error message shown when trying to create an invoice above the customer daily limit, which was showing incorrect unrelated information

End Customer Payment Flow 


  • Invoices can now be created with Guatemalan Quetzal and Honduran Lempira as base FIAT currencies 
  • The “Pay with Bitfinex” payment method can’t be used with an account without a 2FA setup

POS Web app


  • FIAT currency is now better shown when creating an invoice, showing both its short name and symbol
  • Added a new button to change language and translated the whole POS web app to the  following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Chinese (TW)

Start accepting crypto payments with Bitfinex Pay today: