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Bitfinex Pulse major updates

Major Updates to Bitfinex Pulse

Bitfinex Pulse has brought a new meaning to social trading. The platform has seen an increase in interest as we’ve seen more traders joining and exploring everything it has to offer. Such growth has motivated us all the more to keep on working on bringing more features and capabilities that our users have requested to Bitfinex Pulse.

Today, we’re pleased to announce major updates to Bitfinex Pulse. We have added a new quickpost feature that allows users to post pulses more easily. Users can also enjoy a polished user interface on Bitfinex Pulse.

Several more updates to Bitfinex Pulse are listed in the changelog below.


  • Addition of a button to toggle search box
  • Addition of responsiveness to search profile list
  • Addition of cancel and save buttons on edit profile
  • Addition of autofocus to first input field of Bitfinex Pulse modal
  • Addition of hide messages button in profile headers
  • Aligned Bitfinex Pulse’s tab style with the latest design
  • Updated style of new components in Bitfinex Pulse
  • Updated style of new modals in Bitfinex Pulse
  • Updated style for search input
  • Removal of report for Bitfinex Pulse news and refactor news ID
  • Removal of separate logic for Bitfinex Pulse news avatar and constantize news username
  • Translations for quick post placeholder
  • Improved search icon
  • Improved spacing across Bitfinex Pulse components

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed unescape HTML entities in Bitfinex Pulse title and author bio
  • Fixed issue of Bitfinex Pulse tab content shift when hovering
  • Fixed style of delete button

We are always inspired to give traders the best social trading experience possible through Bitfinex Pulse. Expect more exciting updates to Bitfinex Pulse in the future.

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