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Bitfinex Honey 3.29

Bitfinex Honey allows algorithmic trading to be more accessible for everyone from anywhere. With Bitfinex Honey, users can improve their trading strategies by simply installing the downloadable version. 

Bitfinex Honey has proven to be a highly systematic open-source toolkit thought out to the smallest detail. With the built-in code, traders could run algorithmic strategies directly from their devices and implement new orders to customise their trading experience. But, as a technology, Bitfinex Honey has all the potential to develop in an even more professionalised and efficient way. So, we’re pleased to share the latest updates to the Bitfinex Honey. 

Introduction of the new release program

  • We separate future releases into “stable” and “beta”: 
    • “Stable” versions are denominated as Major.Minor (e.g. 3.29)
    • “Beta” versions are denominated as Major.Minor.Patch (e.g. 3.29.1)
  • Added a UI control to manage the auto-update of the standalone install, only on “stable” releases or on all “beta” releases

Introduction of the new environments

  • Replaced the previous environments (Live/Paper Trading) with (Live/Sandbox)
  • Updated the toggle, the UI and the entire app stack to reflect this change
  • Introduced mechanisms that prevent strategy editing in Live mode


  • New strategy UI, allowing for the expansion of functionalities as menu items
  • Minor updates to settings
  • Improved the Privacy and Terms screen

Sandbox Environment

  • Paper Trading is now only possible in this mode
  • Trading Terminal and Market Data in this mode have been renamed and reflect this last change
  • Improved TESTBTC:TESTUSD feed
  • New strategy editor:
    •   Strategies are now stored locally as drafts or executed
    •   Strategies can be renamed, edited, saved, duplicated or erased
    •   Expanded performance metrics, and updated the logic of some of them
    •   Backtesting chart is now TradingView, with new UI logic
    •   Backtesting data is now under a newly designed table and include performance metrics
    •   Introduced strategy security parameters: capital allocation, maximum drawdown and stop-loss
    •   Improved the UI flow of launching a strategy, with multiple fail-safes to avoid unexpected behaviours

Live Environment

  • Reintroduced A/D Algo order
  • New Strategy UI:
    •   Strategies are now stored locally, as active or executed
    •   IDE is read-only in Live mode
    •   It’s now possible to see executed strategies and their performance.
    •   It’s now possible to see the live performance of a strategy:
      •      trough a live TradingView chart
      •      trough auto-updating performance indicators
      •      trough a live trading table that shows positions and orders


  • Stabilised the application, fixing minor and major issues that affected usability
  • Prepared the application for the introduction of anonymised Product metrics
  • Added the possibility to cancel actions that would otherwise break the app
  • Enhanced development/testing functionalities

Download the Bitfinex Honey today by joining the waitlist at or get your version directly from Github.