Change Log: Version 1.75 - Bitfinex blog
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Change Log: Version 1.75

The Bitfinex Change Log is an overview of all performance and UI changes made to the Bitfinex trading platform. For an overview of all previous changes, please refer to

Version 1.75


  • Added currency links to corresponding knowledge base articles in deposits and withdrawals


  • Added a depth chart step to the Welcome Tour
  • Added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) CashAddr format
  • Updated the Bitfinex Securities sub-account creation form to add an email tooltip
  • Updated translations to the share P/L image, the verification modal text and API permissions
  • Updated the return button routing on the Bitfinex Pulse profile tab on the sidebar
  • Updated to close popover menu when an item is clicked in Bitfinex Pulse
  • Updated the display conditions of Bitfinex Pulse profile popover and highlighted posts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed to add custom scroll to modal dialogue on Trading
  • Fixed the Inactive column sorting in the Order History table
  • Fixed the issue of the chart not requesting candles on period change
  • Fixed the email notification checkbox issue in Settings
  • Fixed the issue of the navigation button not being visible on the Affiliate page
  • Fixed the verification popup showing on wire withdrawals when using a sub-account
  • Fixed a typo on smart contract info
  • Fixed a resolution issue for the 2FA screen on cryptocurrency withdrawals
  • Fixed issues with how tags, payment IDs and memos are displayed on cryptocurrency withdrawals
  • Fixed the spacing in fiat equivalent on the Wallets page
  • Fixed the Share P/L image with a broken Affiliate QR code 
  • Fixed the issue of the return button not working after clicking on search suggestions in Bitfinex Pulse
  • Fixed tip modal closing unexpectedly when clicking inside a popover on the Leaderboard