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Bitfinex Collaborates with Torogoz Dev to fund training for Bitcoin and Lightning developers

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands – October 31, 2023  – Bitfinex (, a state-of-the-art digital asset trading platform, is marking the 15th anniversary of the publication of the Bitcoin white paper, to announce a new collaboration with Torogoz Dev, an educational program based in El Salvador, focused on providing technical training in ​​Bitcoin and Lightning Network development.

Following the landmark decision by El Salvador in 2021, to declare Bitcoin as legal tender, there is significant demand for educational resources and training to increase understanding of how to use and build on Bitcoin in the country. Torogoz Dev’s mission is to provide its students with the opportunity to fill the demand gap for Bitcoin technical knowledge and contribute value to Bitcoin and Lightning development.

Bitfinex is deeply committed to advancing Bitcoin education, both in El Salvador and globally, as part of its broader mission to promote financial freedom as outlined in its Freedom Manifesto. Bitfinex believes that education is the linchpin for catalysing meaningful societal changes. Its investment in Torogoz Dev’s educational programmes is another example of its commitment to Bitcoin education.

“Supporting technical education of Bitcoin and Lightning technologies is critical to the Bitfinex mission of delivering financial freedom”, said Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex. “Torogoz Dev has put together a hugely important initiative to raise the technical capacity of professionals in El Salvador to use, work with and build on Bitcoin. We are delighted to be collaborating with them, and are pleased that we could mark the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper with this educational initiative.”

Currently, Torogoz Dev is providing an intensive course for students who have completed earlier phases of study that included Bitcoin and Lightning programming training. This intensive course, called the Fellowship, is offered to students selected from the earlier phases of the Torogoz Dev training. It is geared towards ensuring Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador by training students to provide solutions that align with their interests and addresses local needs. Students will run Bitcoin and Lightning nodes, develop an internal network of nodes, open channels and learn about node administration and networks.

They will work with Cherito Cafe, a Bitcoin friendly agroindustry business in El Salvador, which wants to integrate Bitcoin as a payment solution. The students will begin by identifying the need for the business, go through the creation of user stories, product backlog, grouping of stories by epics, definition of acceptance criteria and identification of dependencies. The project structure and code development will be published on Github.

Students will also be taught about cloud service management, and the application of programming logic to make payments through the Lightning Network. They will also learn how to document an API, and learn security methods applied to systems related to Lightning, microservices and APIs. They will also create different plugins to integrate with Content Management Systems such as Woocommerce or WordPress.

By sponsoring events like the Adopting Bitcoin conference and collaborating with trailblazing organisations that have embraced decentralised technologies, Bitfinex aims to accelerate financial and technical literacy and inclusion. Through these educational initiatives, Bitfinex seeks to create a ripple effect of positive change, empowering individuals to understand and leverage the advantages of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Bitfinex is for the second consecutive year the principal co-organizer along with Galoy, of the 2023 Adopting Bitcoin conference. The event, scheduled from November 7-9, will be held in San Salvador and Bitcoin Beach and advocates for Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and financial independence.

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