Mobile App Change Log 6.9 - Bitfinex blog
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Mobile App Change Log 6.9

Recent updates and optimisations to the Bitfinex mobile app

We’re pleased to present Version 6.9 of the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes general improvements.

You can also download the latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app from the Android Application Package (APK).

Please share your experience by leaving a review in the app store or by completing the Bitfinex mobile user app survey! The below changes have been suggested to us by our active customer base. Feedback from our customers is incredibly valuable to us.


  • Support for Vietnamese language
  • Updated to support opening links with mobile web or app when browsing from mobile
  • Updated to add expire field for Price Alerts

Login & Sign up

  • Redesigned the sign up 2FA setup flow
  • Fixed the Terms of Service screen selector showing an undefined error
  • Fixed login protection settings error
  • Fixed the skip authorization flow


  • Updated to reduce trading page rendering time
  • Improved the chart loading time
  • Updated the BRISE token icon
  • Updated to localize buttons for the Market Watch filter menu
  • Updated chart after setting configurations
  • Fixed order book defaults throttle to 5s for guest users
  • Fixed Recurring Buy not showing the next order after being created


  • Updated to show an informing popup if open loans cost more or equal to 1% 
  • Fixed funding text overlay in the Turkish language


  • Added Travel Rule section when withdrawing
  • Added Tether deposit and withdrawal notice
  • Added Tether and Tether Gold Polygon/Polygon-zkEVM deposit warnings 
  • Added Tether Deposit Network to show Polygon-zkEVM
  • Updated Swap tool to show only coins which the user has in his wallet instead of the full list
  • Updated Lugano Merchant data 
  • Updated to prevent OTC accept/reject for Basic level verified account
  • Fixed withdrawal USD maximum button to populate a bigger amount than the available balance
  • Fixed 2FA overflow when withdrawing Turkish Lira
  • Fixed wallets deposit LN-BTC with a small amount
  • Fixed the tap maximum button to populate a bigger amount than the available balance  when withdrawing USD
  • Fixed the issue of Deposit unable to copy issue when tapping on the address


  • Updated to change the Android bottom bar colour base on the theme
  • Fixed Android crashes when tapping “Back” on the Price Alert screen
  • Updated new translations
  • Updated to show an error message when failing to unlink an account
  • Fixed the price alert setup in the Android

You can also share your feedback with us by joining our Bitfinex Telegram channel and Discord community.