Bitfinex Security Announcement

We have recently been made aware of a number of our users receiving strange phone calls, urging them to download specific software or disclose account information, all in the name of enhanced account security.

The callers claim association with Bitfinex, and have been known to put on a somewhat aggressive tone in an attempt to persuade users.

We, along with any associated third parties, will never approach our users via telephone with special offers or software installation requests.

When dealing with financial services of any capacity, it is imperative that you take caution –

  1. Advertisements of any kind are likely to be phishing
  2. Type in trusted domains yourself, do not click directly on links
  3. Bookmark trusted sites and rely on those when navigating
  4. Never disclose private information, like passwords, to anyone (including Bitfinex)
  5. Do not open links or attachments in emails of untrusted sources


It is vital that you do the utmost to secure your Bitfinex account. Assume the worst in the information you are provided and exercise caution when dealing with anyone.

Separate from the above recommendations, we advise that you enable the recommended security features on your Bitfinex account. These features can be learnt about in greater detail below –

Security: Best Practices

Getting Set Up: Securing Your Account

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