API Updates

We have some great news for our API users! Three API upgrades have today been introduced  to facilitate an improved trading experience for our users:

  • You can now generate and revoke multiple API keys on the API access page
  • A new call has been added to obtain information about your margin account: unrealized PL, net value, minimum net value,… with POST /v1/margin_infos
  • A new call has been added to obtain your current fee schedule for trading: POST /v1/account_infos
  • The /lendbook call now returns FRR offers, as well as a flag to distinguish FRR and fixed rates offers

The 2 new API calls are both authenticated.

Furthermore, we are also please to inform you about 2 changes regarding the claim feature for margin positions:

  • The fee for claiming a position has been reduced from 1% to 0.2%
  • The claim feature now allows you to settle any leverage position (long or short) using your trading wallet assets and/or your unrealized profit. The “Claim” button on each of your open position will provide you the necessary information (how much of the position you need to reduce and/or how much balance you need to have in order to take advantage of it

Thank you for choosing Bitfinex!

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