Change Log: Version 1.9.6

Major Changes

  • Landing page – New, cleaner design for with a simplied signup form and live ticker prices (view demo).
  • Collapsible header – Need more vertical space to trade? The header is now collapsable (view demo).
  • Bitgo report – The new Bitgo report on the History & Reports page can be used to verify your bitcoin wallet balances on the blockchain.


Minor Changes

  • Improve UI for reminding you to take an additional action, such as confirming a security setting change by email (view demo)
  • Added additional information in the Tips And Tricks tour (view tours)
  • Add language options in the footer (view demo) (This is a beta version of multi-language support)
  • New account settings to disable toast notifications for varous site sections (view demo)
  • Performance optimizations for notifications and trade sounds
  • New, crisper logo with duotone green leaf
  • Added a tooltip to the ticker 24-hour volume value that shows the equivallent value in terms of the other currency in the pair
  • Improve trade execution notifications
  • Move right sidebar to be flush with right edge of viewport at narrow browser widths to increase horizontal workspace
  • Clean up footer on public (non logged in) pages
  • Miscellaneous platform, stability, and trading engine optimizations
  • Various small interface improvements and bug fixes
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