Change Log: Version 1.9.8

Major Changes

  • Security
    • New setting on Security > Withdrawals to lock all withdrawals for 24 hours and receive an email notice when a new IP address is used to log into your account.
    • Receive an email when two-factor authentication is disabled on your account.
    • New section “Change History” on Account page for reviewing activity and settings changes.
  • Interface
    • New toggle to switch between viewing market trades or your trades (view demo).
    • New setting to change the order book column order. Quick change (view demo) or modify the setting on Interface > Order Book.
  • API – New REST authenticated call /summary (documentation).
  • Notifications
    • New Notifications page – /notifications
    • Two new notification sound options: “ping up” (preview) and “ping down” (preview).
    • New setting to choose separate notification sounds for partial order executions and full order executions (view demo).
    • New setting for price change notifications (experimental) (view demo).
    • New setting to receive an email when your orders fully execute (view demo).
    • New setting to receive an email when your margin funding bids/offers fill (view demo).

Minor Changes

  • Add one additional level of price aggregation on order books. For example BTCUSD can now be aggregated by 100 increments, etc (view demo).
  • Add new help menu to top right corner of page.
  • Add language preference setting to Account page.
  • New helper for selecting many adjacent rows in the “Funding Used in Margin Position” table (view demo).
  • Moved email settings from Account page to Notifications page.
  • Moved toast notification settings from Interface page to Notifications page.
  • Moved sound settings from Interface page to Notifications page.
  • Migrate blog to WordPress
  • Improve layout of Market Stats page. Break trading volume out by pair.
  • Improve performance of book depth visualization.
  • Fix intermittent bug in trading sidebar display.
  • Fix handling of multiple notice modals being triggered at once.
  • Various small interface improvements and bug fixes.
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