Change Log: Version 1.9.9

Major Changes

  • Ethereum – Enabled Ether withdrawals to smart contract addresses.
  • API – Speed improvements to some REST endpoints.
  • Interface
    • Optimizations to improve browser performance and memory usage.
    • New setting on Interface > Tables to show only your orders for the current pair.

Minor Changes

  • New report, Margin Funding Earnings
  • Improved “New Login” email.
  • Improve Change History section on the Account page.
  • Add more information the the Login History report.
  • Improve some notifications and toasts.
  • Improve button submit interactions.
  • Improve typography for some headers.
  • Improve two-factor authentication check for submitting a new withdrawal.
  • Remove “/pages/” from some page paths to simplify urls.
  • Platform stability improvements.
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes.
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