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Explaining the Developers’ Reward

What is the Developers’ Reward?

The Developers’ Reward aims to reward those who develop API tools, or trading libraries using Bitfinex APIs. 

The Developers’ Reward generates a 5% rebate on every trade made through Bitfinex APIs.

How can I take advantage of the Developers’ Reward?

Traders and Developers will need to integrate an affiliate code (generated from their Affiliate Dashboard) into their products or services. For each trade that will be executed, the owner of the affiliate code will get a 5% rebate on the trading fees.

How much can I earn with the Developers’ Reward?

The Developers’ Reward generates a 5% rebate on every trade made through Bitfinex APIs. 

 The 5% rebate is fixed and does not reduce over time.

How to get started

1. Create your affiliate code

2. Implement your code

  • Integrate your affiliation code in your bot/trading library/platform…

Endpoints available




When using v2 endpoints, add your affiliate code as a meta information: 

meta: {"aff_code": "youraffiliatecode"}



For v1 endpoints, the affiliate code can be added directly into the main object: 

{"aff_code": "youraffiliatecode"}

3. Monitor your results and earnings


I am a developer who has created an open-source trading library. Can I get advantages from the Developers’ Reward?

Yes, the Developers’ Reward was created for developers, whether you are building a tool for yourself or an open-source project, you can get the reward. 

I am a trader who has created its own bot to analyse and develop its own trading strategy. I don’t share my bot with anyone except myself. Can I still get rewarded?

Yes. Traders who have built their own bot, can create an affiliate code and integrate it into their bot. Once the code is embedded, every time the bot place an order you will get 5% of the fee when it gets executed, resulting in a fee discount for you. 

If someone is already a member of the affiliate program and also a user of my API tool/platform, will I still get the reward?

Yes, Affiliate Dashboard and Developers’ Reward are completely independent. If a trader, affiliate or not, use your API to trade you will get your 5% rebate.

Have more questions? 

Get in touch with our customer support team via Telegram or https://cs.bitfinex.com/