BFX Token to iFinex Equity Conversion Update - The Bitfinex Blog
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BFX Token to iFinex Equity Conversion Update

BFX Tokens were created in the aftermath of the events of August 2nd. It has always been our objective to retire these tokens efficiently and quickly, including through various equity conversion programs. Such programs may employ so-called Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

The first step towards participating in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that allows for the conversion of BFX Tokens into beneficial interests in iFinex is enabling the new Conversion wallet in your Bitfinex account.

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION. Any participation in any SPV is void where prohibited by applicable law.

Interested users can enable the Conversion wallet by visiting this page.

By enabling the Conversion wallet, a new wallet—in addition to your Exchange, Trading, and Deposit wallets—will be created in your Bitfinex account.

Once enabled, you may go to your Bitfinex account’s Wallets page to transfer BFX Tokens into your Conversion wallet. This is how you will prepare your BFX Tokens for use in an SPV. Users can move BFX Tokens in and out of the Conversion wallet freely until the time you are ready to convert to equity through an SPV. Enabling the Conversion wallet or adding BFX to the Conversion wallet does not yet commit users to conversion; it is merely an expression of your intention.

Once you have enabled the Conversion wallet and moved BFX Tokens into it, you are ready to participate in one of the available SPVs. Details on the respective SPVs are available on the Conversion wallet enabling page and on the websites of the SPVs themselves.

Please contact [email protected] or open a support ticket if you have any questions or concerns.