Bitfinex Affiliates Enjoy Margin Funding Fee Rebates - Bitfinex blog
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Bitfinex Affiliates Enjoy Margin Funding Fee Rebates

We’re pleased to announce that affiliates and referrals on the Bitfinex Affiliate Program can enjoy fee rebates on margin funding!

Active Affiliate Program accounts, including those opened with a referral code, are eligible to receive margin funding fee rebates from 06/11/19 10:00 AM (UTC).

The margin funding fee rebate structure mirrors that of the Bitfinex Affiliate Program’s tiered commission structure.

Affiliates are eligible for a percentage of the margin funding fee rebates on up to three levels of referrals within their network. When affiliates and their referrals meet certain requirements, such as verifying an account and/or accumulating holdings of at least 500 Tethers (USDt) worth of UNUS SED LEO tokens, affiliates will also be entitled to multipliers of up to 2.16x on their margin funding fee rebates.

However, the rebates will not be retrospective. Affiliates will not be entitled to fee rebates for margin funding earnings that took place before 06/11/19 10:00 AM (UTC).

The Bitfinex Affiliate Program is a commission-based system that enables our clients to earn fees on up to three levels of connection within a network sharing the same referral code. 

For more information on the Bitfinex Affiliate Program or to sign up as an Affiliate, please visit: