DRKUSD and DRKBTC pairs added on Bitfinex - Bitfinex blog
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DRKUSD and DRKBTC pairs added on Bitfinex

We are pleased to announce that Darkcoin will be available to trade on the Bitfinex platform starting at 6PM CET. It is rare for us to add new trading products, but we believe that the advent of privacy-centric cryptocurrencies warrants our attention. Specifically, we believe that Darkcoin and the team behind it represent the most credible foray into this important frontier, and now that Darkcoin’s market capitalization has reached non-trivial levels, we have decided to offer it as a trading option to our customers. As one might expect, will support trading in DRK/BTC, but, in addition, we will the first exchange to support trading in DRK/USD.

While we have no crystal balls at Bitfinex, we do nonetheless believe that the new features that Darkcoin aims to implement represents a substantial development in the cryptocurrency space, and we believe that any innovation that enhances privacy deserves our attention. Naturally, we do not condone the use of Darkcoin for illicit purposes, but we do believe in the right to privacy.

Initially, we will only offer cash exchange transactions. In time, as our order book deepens and Darkcoin successfully navigates certain milestones, we will also possibly allow swap leverage and shorting, should Darkcoin’s risk profile and volatility merit it.

Darkcoins can’t also be used as collateral for margin transactions.

We hope that you that you find these new trading products to be of value to you and we, of course, always welcome your feedback.