Ethereum Classic Launch - Bitfinex blog
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Ethereum Classic Launch

Due to the Ethereum hard fork that occurred at block 1,920,000 on July 20th there are now two independent chains, Ethereum (ETH) and EthereumClassic (ETC). This means that every user who had ETH at the time of the hard fork will have their account credited with an equal amount of ETC.

Within three hours we will be enabling ETC deposits and withdrawals. At this time the ETC wallets will be enabled for all users and ETH balances from 13:20:40 UTC 20/07/2016 will be credited to users’ ETC wallets. Due to their technical similarities ETH and ETC can share deposit addresses, so generating new deposit addresses will create an address used by both. Upon receiving the deposit we will correctly handle and process the deposit and credit the account with the corresponding ETC or ETH amount.

We are still in the process of preparing ETC trading, however we plan to be live soon after deposits/withdrawals are enabled.

For those who had ETH funding provided or an active ETH margin position:

We will be settling ETH margin long positions as of 13:20:40 UTC 20/07/2016. Those who had margin long positions will be receiving an equivalent to the size of their position in ETH credited to their account in ETC. Those who provided ETH for margin funding will receive an equivalent to their available ETH balance in their deposit wallet as of the aforementioned time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know, [email protected].