Platform Development Update — March 8th, 2018 - The Bitfinex Blog
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Platform Development Update — March 8th, 2018

At 12:00 PM GMT today we deployed a minor platform development update to facilitate a cleaner and faster trading experience for our users.

The update, which has taken 26+ hours to deploy, represents a big leap towards our goal of running Bitfinex as a massively distributed system, and can be read about in more detail below.

1. Dynamic Order Form

The order form has been entirely rewritten and features support for custom order layouts. These layouts will be enabled & further documented in the future, alongside the new Honey Framework release. The internal order logic itself has been rewritten to directly use the WS2 API connection, bringing the Bitfinex trading UI in line with other users consuming the API; essentially, all users now trade on the WS2 interface.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.56.07

The built-in Scaled Order type has also been moved into the order form from its previous location in an external popup, and the Calculator tool has been refactored.

2. User Interface Stability

The update brings with it improved UI stability and has brought us one step closer to moving to a 100% React frontend. Frontend errors are now self-contained to the component that originated them, and in general a number of bugs have now been fixed.

3. User Interface Tweaks

Today’s update replaces individual exchange/margin trading pair selection in the Account section with per-currency selection, simplifying the account configuration process for traders. The Offer Form has been updated to take into account the new order form changes, and the FRR Fixed Delta funding order type has been broken out with a checkbox.

Alongside the changes to the Order & Offer forms, the Auto Renew setting control panel has also seen a rewrite and will eventually be migrated to the WS v2 API along with the rest of the frontend components.

4. Platform Performance Improvements

Finally, a smoother trading experience will be felt by users through the removal of a number of legacy code pathways, including bug-fixes. Alongside this, we have deployed the foundation of the new distributed Hive trading engine. Eventually, this will allow for smooth on-demand scaling as platform load changes over time, enabling us to meet growing demand without any interruption to user-facing services.

Today’s update will enable us to iterate more rapidly in the future & spend more time on releasing much-requested new features. Furthermore, the changes lay the foundation for an incoming set of updates essential to the progression of Bitfinex, including Hive, a multithreaded & distributed architecture for our matching engine, and the Honey Framework, an algorithmic order toolkit.

We apologise for any potential inconveniences you may have experienced as a result of the rollout and we hope that the improvements will be enjoyed by all.

We’ve recently open-sourced a number of the development libraries most essential to us. If you are interested in learning more about these, please visit our Github.

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