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Qtum (QTUM) exchange trading has now begun on Bitfinex and is available against the pairs USD, BTC & ETH.
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Qtum Launch

Qtum Logo - Bitfinex


Qtum (QTUM) exchange trading has begun on Bitfinex, available against the pairs USD, BTC & ETH.

Margin trading for these pairs will be enabled gradually, once the order book develops sufficient liquidity.

Qtum is the first smart contact platform to fully utilise proof-of-stake consensus. By building on top of the UTXO model, the platform adds its own ‘Account Abstraction Layer’. This allows the UTXO-based blockchain to seamlessly interact with the Virtual Machine (VM). The platform currently supports EVM, but will support multiple Virtual Machines in the future, including our x86 VM (in development).

Qtum provides endless possibilities for smart contracts whilst giving smart contact designers the stability and maturity of the bitcoin ecosystem. It is the first blockchain to utilise a truly decentralised governance protocol (DGP), which uses smart contract technology to update blockchain parameters in a manner which is self-regulating, self-modifying, and self-aware. There are currently 17 Dapps being built on the platform (for instance prediction market, IOT, healthcare and more).

The project has an incredibly active community all over the world, with more developers and projects signing on every week, and we are excited to support its future development.

Learn more about Qtum and stay up to date on Twitter.