Statement from Bitfinex about OCCRP report published in Wired - Bitfinex blog
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Bitfinex statement

Statement from Bitfinex about OCCRP report published in Wired

Bitfinex is aware of a report that has been written by the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), which was today published by Wired magazine, about the hack that took place in August 2016, of which Bitfinex was the victim.

The assertions made by the OCCRP are factually incorrect. We advised OCCRP of this in March 2023. Wired magazine made no effort to contact Bitfinex to enquire about the veracity of their report before they published their article, nor did they enquire about any measures that have been put in place in the last seven years, since the hack happened. This is an example of poor journalism.

Bitfinex refutes the findings of the OCCRP. As is well known, there is an investigation being conducted by authorities into the 2016 hack, with which Bitfinex has collaborated and shared information over many years.

Once adjudication of these matters has taken place, Bitfinex reserves the right to provide a full account of what happened, including all the relevant context and detail of the many intricacies and actors that were involved. We believe however, that to make any comments before the investigation into the breach is concluded, would be inappropriate.

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