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The (r)evolution has begun

There is a belief among some people that the cryptocurrency industry hasn’t yet recovered from the peak of the boom in December 2017 when the Bitcoin price peaked at an all-time high of $19,891.

Many so-called experts have also predicted the downfall of digital assets. Yet in reality, crypto still exists and is getting stronger and more prominent.  

As time passes by, more institutional investors have decided to join the crypto movement, with many believing that digital assets will be booming again in the not so distant future. 

It seemingly appears that after all these years believing the false prophecies of doom, institutional finance has finally recognized that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. 

We Started Early, and We’re Still Here 

On the other hand, some have been believers since the early days. Bitfinex is a notable example.

Having been in the crypto business since 2012, Bitfinex is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges and has remained unwavering in its faith in the ecosystem through thick and thin.

We have managed not only to survive but also to come up with innovations that have helped push the development of the crypto industry forward, despite all the obstacles and struggles.  

One of our notable contributions is our fiat on-ramp feature. This service makes it easier for all kinds of users, especially those who are unfamiliar with crypto and still testing the water, to purchase crypto using fiat. We have remained steadfast in our vision from the very beginning, regardless of any obstacles that new technology inevitably faces from the traditional banking system. 

Another way we contribute to the crypto community is through open-source projects. Bitfinex’s GitHub account has more than 140 open source projects, some of which are active on our platform as tools, such as the Bitfinex Reporting Framework and the Honey framework.

Also, we always try to support new technologies in crypto. We successfully launched Ethfinex, an Ethereum-based exchange. Meanwhile, our latest project, eosfinex, is one of the first decentralized exchanges to be built on EOSIO. 

The Technology and Community

A wise man once said that complacency is the enemy of progress. Hence, we never allow ourselves to be complacent, despite our many achievements. We always strive to look for new ways to make a contribution to the crypto ecosystem and the wider community. 

We believe that in crypto, both the technology and the community must work hand in hand to achieve the awaited mass awareness and adoption. 

While even the most ardent crypto evangelist must admit that there are not many ways to both earn and spend crypto at the moment, things will change. That’s why we need to find or create new ways to do so, and it should be something that becomes the focus of all crypto enthusiasts.

We believe that one of the most effective ways to promote crypto is to have a community that is actively spreading the word about crypto and how it can benefit their lives. 

Everyone can be an ambassador for crypto. You don’t need to be an experienced crypto trader or a technologically savvy person who understands cryptographic calculations to promote the ecosystem. You only need to believe in crypto.

The Crypto Community of the Future

After months of preparation, we are introducing a (r)evolution in the crypto community model, the Bitfinex Affiliate Program

We’re inspired by our desire to play our part in spreading the word and bringing to fruition the mass adoption of crypto. It was this desire that drove us to come up with the idea of creating an ecosystem for the next generation of crypto communities. 

In the brainstorming process, we revisited our old affiliation system and also evaluated other affiliate programs to formulate the best plan. We knew that we wanted to revolutionize the existing idea of what a crypto community represents.

The Bitfinex Affiliate Program will encourage the growth of a trust-based community that actively spreads the word about crypto. A community where every member matters, and every action counts.

Standing Out from the Crowd

The main thing that makes the Bitfinex Affiliate Program stand out is the commission scheme that goes far beyond the ordinary. 

We value loyalty. We’re aware that making money is important. We want to make sure that every time someone makes a contribution, he or she will be rewarded. 

The wait is almost over, and today you will have the chance to join the (r)evolution. 
Within the next two hours, the Bitfinex Affiliate Program will be up and running! 

Keep an eye on our social channels to be the first to join and discover all the details about it.

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The Bitfinex Affiliate Program is here!

Join now and discover an entirely new way of growing your earnings in crypto!