Update regarding recent security breach - Bitfinex blog
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Update regarding recent security breach

Following the unfortunate security incident involving our hot wallets, we have worked diligently with our security specialists and customers to ensure the security of the new hot wallets as well as working with individual customers who were affected. New (secure) deposit addresses for BTC, LTC & DRK have been on the website since Friday evening UTC and all systems have been performing normally since then.

However, despite the announcement, tweets, e-mail warnings, and coverage in the press, we have customers who continue to make deposits to old (hacked) addresses. At this point, we can no longer honor, partially or otherwise such deposits, and STRONGLY URGE our users to heed this notice and avoid a careless (and costly) mistake.

As we have tried to understand some of the reasons behind why some users continue to make such deposits, we would like to make two important suggestions to our users. Firstly, please ensure that you do, in fact, receive e-mails from Bitfinex and that such emails are not being inadvertently sent to a spam folder, and secondly, do not use Bitfinex as a general purpose wallet to receive third party payments to static addresses. The first point is obvious, but apparently a problem for some, but the second point is more subtle in that we understand it might be easy to inform our customers of the need to change deposit addresses, but maybe not so easy for our customers to inform their customers.

In any case, we thank all of our customers for their loyalty and patience last Friday – Bitfinex is working very hard to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.