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Bitfinex API Developers Hangout

On Wednesday April 13th at 21:00 UTC we will be hosting a Google Hangout with several members from the community and a couple of our own developers. The goal of the hangout is to go over a bit of the work we’ve been doing lately to make it easier for users to integrate with our APIs as well as contribute to our open source libraries and community projects as detailed in our latest blog post.

In addition to covering what we have done, we will be speaking on what we will be doing in coming weeks:

REST v2.0: In particular we would like to hear what the community wants for the v2 of our REST API, which we are in the process of developing. We are currently exploring swagger and think it has some real promise; from creating client libraries in a lot more languages, to providing documentation that is always up to date.

Input WebSocket API: We will be expanding from a read-only to a read/write WebSocket API. This opens up a lot of functionality beyond just order submission and we would like to see where users’ interests lie on prioritization of other inputs.

We would love for everyone to follow along with the hangout and give us any feedback you might have. If you can’t make the hangout but still have feedback shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll look it over.

We look forward to speaking with you all,
The Bitfinex Team