WebSocket API v1.1 Update - Bitfinex blog
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WebSocket API v1.1 Update

On Tuesday, April 26th at 15:00 UTC we will upgrade our WebSocket API to version 1.1. This update will include improvements to better ensure users data is consistent after a trading engine resync. Periodically, we have to resync the trading engine and when this happens we alert users via the WebSocket API. The new addition will send a snapshot after the resync is complete with current position data ensuring that users have the correct information. Furthermore, in v1.1 we will be including in the snapshot the last 30 trades from each pair, as opposed to the last 30 trades total in the current version.

Upon completion of the resync we will send out this message:

  "code": "20061",
  "msg": "Resync from the Trading Engine ended"

That message will be followed by an up-to-date snapshot of your position, for example:

[0,"ws",[["deposit","USD",…,0],["trading","USD",…,0],["trading","ETH", …,0]]]
[0,"hos",[[705946346,"ETHUSD",0,0.1,"LIMIT", "EXECUTED @ 7.9978(0.1)",7.9978,7.9978,"2016-04-23T08:31:48Z",0,0,0],…]

If you have any questions please let us know, as always we appreciate any feedback you may have.

The Bitfinex Team