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Bitfinex Pay update V 1.4

Bitfinex Pay – Release V1.4

Bitfinex Pay is a crypto payment processor that allows businesses and merchants to receive crypto payments into their Bitfinex account for products sold or services rendered.

We’re pleased to share the latest updates to Bitfinex Pay. For more on Bitfinex Pay, please refer to 


  • Addition of the Manual Invoice Generator tool that will provide merchants with an easy way to manually generate invoices
  • Addition of support for Tether Euro (EURt) in the Ethereum network for all Merchants and their customers


  • Improved Landing Page to show Metamask, WalletConnect, and all supported tokens related information 
  • Improved Landing Page design on mobile devices
  • Improved the payment request flow for when to display the “Retry” button when using “Pay with you Wallet” payment method
  • Optimized the Terms of Service checkbox on Safari browser for mobile
  • Updated verification message for tokens requiring higher levels of verification, such as USDt and EURt
  • Improved the notification text for different verification levels when trying to select Credit Cards
  • Change wording of Tether (ETH) to Tether (Ethereum) and Tether (TRX) to Tether (Tron)
  • Removed the token selector dropdown from the Merchant sub-account verification form
  • All current and future merchants will automatically have all BFX Pay compatible tokens enabled by default


  • Fixed date error on the Landing Page footer
  • Fixed error of credit card payment being paid with BTC, but verifying the payment shows USD
  • Fixed issue of redirecting to Bitfinex Securities when trying to login with Bitfinex Pay
  • Fixed Bitfinex Pay redirection on credit card deposits
  • Fixed issue of Lightning Invoice expiring after 10 minutes when paying from an external wallet
  • Fixed issue of alert not appearing on Safari browser when entering U2F
  • Updated DOGE amount to show 8 precision decimals
  • Fixed design issues on receipt screen in mobile browsers
  • Fixed issue of credit card minimum amount error not showing for EUR and GBP invoices
  • Fixed issue of EUR and GBP conversion showing wrongly on the user balance
  • Fixed incorrect icon used for Ownr credit card services

Start accepting crypto payments with Bitfinex Pay today: