Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard - Release V0.2 - Bitfinex blog
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Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard – Release V0.2

Merchant Dashboard

  • New Features
    • Added Settings Menu in the Dashboard, which allow Merchants to:
      • Change the fiat currency shown on Wallets and Dashboard Stats
      • Change their preferred language for the Dashboard
      • Show Merchant Public Name shown on invoices to end customers
      • Change the dust balance amount used to hide low balance wallets in the “Wallets” Menu

  • Improvements
    • Wallet addresses have been removed in the “Wallets” Menu
    • Auto-Convert now only shows available conversion options per token
    • Improved Invoice Details screen design and added end user email field
    • Reports menu element has been moved down
    • “https://” is no longer needed while adding a redirect URL in invoice creation
    • Added a notification every time Auto-Convert is executed
    • Increased the clickable area on pagination buttons
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an unexpected error when trying to mark an invoice as expired or completed
    • Fixed USD equivalent value in “Wallets” displaying null
    • Fixed an issue showing Merchant account not setup error when login with a sub-account
    • Fixed a typo on Token being converted in Auto-Convert modal
    • Fixed dust balance not being hidden if Auto-Convert was on
    • Added translations to dates on the Dashboard
    • Fixed a design issue while clicking on Mark as complete or Mark as expired after closing the modal
    • Order ID field now has a maximum of 15 characters

End User Payment Flow

  • Improvements
    • Improved receipt screen after a completed payment to a more clean design
    • Merchant banner added to the “Payment Completed” screen
    • The transaction Address link has been added to the “Verifying Payment” screen
  • Fixes
    • Fixed broken link to U2F article
    • Fixed Terms of Service accept checkbox being too small on iPhone devices
    • Fixed Failed payment redirect issue while paying with Mercuryo
    • Fixed Payment Fails while using MATIC Mainnet over Metamask

Bitfinex Pay Landing Page

  • Improvements
    • The Back to Merchant redirect button now reads “Return to Merchant”
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a broken link to the Knowledge Base article on Get Started page