Change Log: Version 1.8.0 - Bitfinex blog
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Change Log: Version 1.8.0

New Features

  • New “Gears” Menu (view)
  • Security Center (view)
  • Support Center (view)
  • PGP Email Encryption (view)
  • New option to place hidden margin funding offers (view)
  • New security setting to lock withdrawals for 5 days after a password change (view)
  • History & Reports (view)
  • Integrations (view)
  • Websockets API
  • Change Log
  • Located in the top right corner next to your Account Menu
  • Contains integrations, API-related items, Announcements, and this Change Log
  • New interface for managing your security settings. Easily see which settings you are making use of and see any recommendations for improving security.
  • Found by your Account Menu > Security Center in the top right corner, or at /security
  • One page with everything related to support. FAQs, guided tours, contact information, etc
  • Found using the top right corner Support dropdown (the question mark circle icon) then Support Center, or at /support
  • Found in the “Email Encryption” section of the Security Center.
  • Defaults to ON
  • New page for consolidating all report.
  • Found by your Account Menu > History & Reports, or at /history
  • New page for exploring all of our 3rd party integrations
  • Found by the new Gears menu next to your Account Menu, select “Integrations”, or at /integrations
  • Available through the Gears menu or at /changelog

Major Changes

  • API Keys advanced permissions (view)
  • API Documentation (view)
  • Improved mobile experience (view)
  • Account Settings (view)
  • Improved confirmation boxes (view)
  • Improved deposit address interface (view)
  • Create API keys with more advanced read/write permissions.
  • Available using the new Gears menu next to your Account Menu, or at /account/api
  • New comprehensive documentation for our REST and Websockets API
  • Open source libraries for Go and Node.js with more coming soon.
  • Improve toggling of sidebar
  • Improve use of horizontal space
  • Improve form layouts
  • Improved interface and organization for easier management of account settings.
  • Add button to copy address to clipboard
  • Address QR code opens in modal window for easier scanning

Minor Changes

  • Added two new reports to /history for Taken Margin Funding
  • Added 30 day, 7 day, and 24 hour historic prices on the Stats page, /pages/stats
  • Moved Bitgo configuration to /integrations
  • Moved Login History to History & Reports, /history
  • Improved behavior of sidebar to work well at narrower browser widths
  • Removed a redundant notification email for withdrawals
  • Sidebar is toggleable to minimize / maximize.
  • Updates to the “Financial” section of verification forms.
  • Add wire withdrawal options to withdraw API
  • Guided tours. Found using the top right corner Support dropdown (the question mark circle icon) or at /support
  • Improve logo
  • Improve favicon