Change Log: Version 15.17 - Bitfinex blog
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Change Log: Version 15.17

The Bitfinex Change Log is an overview of all performance and UI changes made to the Bitfinex trading platform. For an overview of all previous changes, please refer to

Version 15.17


  • Addition of conflict of interest paragraph to Risk Disclosure Statement


  • Addition of Annual Percentage Rate (APR) column to Funding tickers
  • Addition of the Flash Return Rate’s (FRR) APR value to main Funding ticker
  • Improved default ticker icon


  • Reduced unnecessary re-renders for the Order Form
  • Extension of user summary API
  • Improved Chart’s reset handling
  • Improved error message on user authentication failure
  • Addition of translations for movements parse error and rate limiting error
  • Automatically populated payment ID for first locked address

Bug Fixes (General)

  • Fixed edge cases for whitelisted payment ID
  • Enabled colon-separated non-payment ID addresses on withdrawal whitelist
  • Fixed overflow for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) list
  • Credit card deposit address for Tether (USDt)
  • Fixed overflow for period selector

Bug Fixes (Bitfinex Pulse)

  • Left navigation bar now highlights on click
  • Long descriptions of Groups are now truncated in notifications

The Bitfinex APIs are designed to allow complete access to the features provided by Bitfinex. Learn more about our API documentation here.