Change Log: Version 2.0.0 - Bitfinex blog
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Change Log: Version 2.0.0

Major Changes

  • Trading
    • New “Inactive Orders” section (below “Active Orders” on Exchange and Margin Trading) (demo dark | light).
    • Move Advanced Funding Options to a check box toggle on the Margin Trading order form (demo)
  • Security
    • New on-site page for confirming security setting changes from confirmation email link (demo dark | light).
    • Option to use token or SMS for two-factor authentication when both are enabled (demo).
  • Performance
    • Optimize order book depth visualization animations. New toggle button on order book (demo).
    • Faster initial page load.
  • Interface
    • Margin Funding interface improvements. New setting to filter by the currently active currency (demo).
    • Margin Funding form updated to be similar to the trading form (demo dark | light)
    • Easily filter orders by context and pair (demo)
    • Improvements to dark theme. Make the dark theme active by default. Change your preference from Interface.
  • Settings
    • New setting to receive an email as soon as a new deposit arrives on Notifications > Emails (demo)
    • New setting to choose the default funding type (Term or Daily) for new positions on Account > Margin Funding (demo).
  • Merchant Tools – New section on Account, “Merchant Tools”, for enabling Auto Orders and Auto Withdrawals (demo)

Minor Changes

  • Improve design on public pages
  • Added deposits and withdrawals reports to Reports page
  • New page with auto withdrawal processing info at /withdraw/greenline
  • Add geoIP info to the “welcome” flash message shown upon login
  • Fix inconsistent sidebar initialization
  • Fix infinite redirect loop when disabling currencies and pairs.
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes.