Change Log: Version 2.5.0 - Bitfinex blog
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Change Log: Version 2.5.0

Major Changes

  • Interface – Chart Tools
    • New chart powered by TradingView (demo).
    • Dozens of indicators and drawing tools.
    • Save chart layouts.
    • View and modify your orders.
    • Adjustable height for larger screens.
  • Interface – Tickers & Navigation
    • New interface for viewing tickers and navigating (demo).
    • Set favorites to easily monitor and navigate.
    • Fear change? Can be switched back to old tickers from the Interface page.
  • Interface – Sidebar
    • Trading and Funding form moved to the sidebar (demo).
    • More efficient design for easier trading.
  • Trading
    • Replace orders in one step instead of having to cancel and create new.
    • View your orders on the chart, with the ability to click/drag to modify/cancel orders (demo) (configurable from Interface page).
  • Price Alerts
    •  Set price alerts by clicking a price point in the order book, or from the Notifications page (demo).
    • Triggered price alerts will also send a notification to your iOS or Android device if you have the new version of the Bitfinex mobile app.
    • View and manage price alerts on the chart (configurable from Interface page).
  • Notifications
    • Desktop notifications (configurable from Interface page).
    • New notices dropdown. Mark items as read when you’re ready (demo).
  • Funding
    • Place funding bids and offers at an offset above or below the Flash Return Rate (demo). These rates have a dynamic rate in the funding book, but are matched at a static rate (more developments coming soon).

Minor Changes

  • New: Option to show/hide your orders and alerts on the chart (configurable from Interface page).
  • New: In addition to total balances in the sidebar balances overview, also show the current available balances for each currency and wallet.
  • New: Sidebar layout can be left or right (configurable from Interface page).
  • New: Subtle charts on landing page
  • New: Visualize how close your deposits are to being credited based on the number of confirmations the transaction has and requires.
  • New: You orders are grouped by pair and are collapsible (demo).
  • Improved: Dark theme. Select between the dark and light theme from the Interface page.
  • Improved: Re-size on-page toast messages. Optimized to make use of space. Smarter logic to prevent showing unnecessary toasts.
  • Improved: Canceling all orders when viewing a filtered subset of your orders.
  • Improved: Signup page.
  • Improved: Rest API performance.
  • Improved: Interface for changing a positions funding type, closing a position and claiming a position.
  • Various platform fixes and optimizations.