Change Log: Version 2.5.1 - Bitfinex blog
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Change Log: Version 2.5.1

Major Changes

  • Trading – Engine
    • Major improvements to the trading engine internals allow for even greater reliability.
    • Efficiency improvements increase maximum trades-per-second capacity 1,000%.
    • Support for new, more complex order types (coming soon).
  • Trading – OTC
    • Beta release of over-the-counter (OTC) trading. This enables traders to organize larger trades that circumvent the public order book. Log in and go to to get started.
  • Trading – APIs
  • Trading – Algorithmic Orders
    • New order type: Scaled Orders. Easily place many orders of a price range (demo).
    • More algorithmic order types to be enabled in the coming days.
  • Trading – Interface
    • To reduce redundancy and improve efficient trading, the Exchange section has been merged into the Trading section.
    • Quickly select between exchange and leveraged trades from the order form (demo).
    • New option for visualizing the order book depth (demo).
    • Save time by navigating directly to any trading pair or funding currency (demo).
  • Chart Tools
    • Customizing your chart indicators, layout, and customization will now be saved automatically. Set your charts just how like like them.
    • Check the state of your leveraged positions quickly by seeing your positions and liquidation prices directly on the chart.
    • Ability to close positions from the chart.
  • Interface – Wallets
    • Renamed “Trading Wallet” to “Margin Wallet”.
    • Renamed “Deposit Wallet” to “Funding Wallet”.
  • Platform Demo
    • New “Demo” ability from the landing page, or by visiting when not logged in. This allows non-logged in users to explore the trading interface without having to sign up or log in.


Minor Changes

  • New: Security feature to block password reset attempts from non-whitelisted IP addresses for accounts using IP whitelists.
  • New: The trading volumes are shown as the BTC equivalent in some places to better compare between pairs.
  • New: Sidebar elements collapsible to save space or improve privacy in public places (demo).
  • New: Ability to toggle the “hidden” property of existing orders when modifying them.
  • New: The auto-renew setting for providing funding requires a 30 USD equivalent balance now (was 10 USD).
  • New: “Buy All” and “Sell All” buttons on the margin trading from help calculate order amounts based on tradable balance.
  • Improved: Improved Features, Security, Stats, and Landing pages.
  • Improved: Better handling of “cancel all” actions on funding offers.
  • Improved: Confirmation dialogs.
  • Improve: Funding tickers.
  • Various platform fixes and optimizations.