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Mobile App Change Log 3.30.0

Recent updates and optimizations to the Bitfinex mobile app

We are pleased to present Version 3.30.0 of the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes the launch of support for depositing funds via credit and debit cards.

Download the latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app below:

Now you can also download the Android Application Package (APK) at: 


  • Enabled deposits with credit and debit cards via Mercuryo or OWNR wallet on mobile devices
  • Addition of summary specifications and collateral information for derivatives* pairs
  • OHLC (open-high-low-close) and volume figures now shown within the charts


  • Wallet balances are now displayed in precise values
  • The volume value (VOL) within the Funding tab’s Tickers list is now shown in USD
  • The layout of Tickers list in the Derivatives* tab is more compact
  • Tether Gold’s (XAU₮) icon correctly displayed within the Derivatives tab

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed show/hide button for the Liquidations panel within Trading and Derivatives tabs
  • When a user taps on the TradingView logo within the chart, the external browser will open with the corresponding chart
  • The Full Book of each pair within the Funding tab now displays yearly rates
  • Funding charts are displayed to be aligned to Trading charts
  • Fixed TradingView charts’ time offset issue
  • Removed USD in the Cryptocurrency dropdown menu of the Deposit panel
  • Fixed the issue of color inconsistency in the change direction and value of the trading volume

*Derivatives trading products are provided by iFinex Financial Technologies Limited

The above changes have been suggested to us by our active user base.

Feedback from our user base is incredibly valuable to us. Please share your user experience and help us to continuously optimize our mobile app.

To share your feedback, join the Bitfinex Telegram channel.