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Bitfinex Honey — The Relaunch is on

Bitfinex Honey allows algorithmic trading to be more accessible for everyone from anywhere. With Bitfinex Honey, users can improve their trading strategies by simply installing the downloadable version. Join our Waiting List on Bitfinex Honey to get the latest updates first. 

Bitfinex Honey has proven to be a highly systematic open-source toolkit thought out to the smallest detail. With the built-in code, traders could run algorithmic strategies directly from their devices and implement new orders to customise their trading experience. But, as a technology, Bitfinex Honey has all the potential to develop in an even more professionalised and efficient way. Relaunching Bitfinex Honey, we aim to reveal all the power of systematic trading for crypto in opposition to discretionary trading.

Free for everyone, forever

Everyone knows the saying  — everything has its price, and this is the first revolutionary thing we want to realise during the relaunch. Our goal is to provide traders with the most powerful open-source suite dedicated to algo-trading in general, making it the best in the crypto space and increasing knowledge and awareness of the subject among users. Setting new foundations allowing traders and funds to create and manage their strategies portfolios, adding more extensive coding and statistical capabilities, providing access to AI tools, and many other improvements is what we are going to give — free for everyone, forever.

The main changes

  • The New Bitfinex Honey Community

Joining the community waiting list to use the program presupposes that you will be the first to see updates and every new feature released, even experimental. If you decide not to join, your installation will get updated only during regular releases.

  • New Environments

“Production” and “Paper Trading” will now be renamed to “Live” and “Sandbox”, respectively. The “Sandbox” will host an entire set of functionalities that will be much broader than “Paper Trading” used to comprise, while “Live” will receive additional functions to existing production ones.

  • The Live Environment Update:

– Past strategies and their performance can now be seen and analysed. Traders can relaunch them or tweak parameters and launch a new one.

– Safety constraints that protect traders are now implemented into each strategy:

  • Capital Allocation, which ensures the strategy doesn’t exceed the preset capacity it was designed for;
  • Max Drawdown, which protects the profits and losses that are already made;
  • Stop-Loss protects the allocated capital from further depreciation.

– The live performance of the strategy (in charts and position lists) and the current performance metrics can now be seen by users, which helps to make real-time decisions.

– More extensive performance indicators are now added.

  • The Sandbox Environment Update:

– The BTC:USD Paper Feed is now improved;

– A new strategy editor, merging backtesting and new variables, was added;

– Traders can now see the history of the run backtests together with their performance and convert them into running strategies.

To gain access to the new Bitfinex Honey platform, you will need to visit the Bitfinex Honey landing page and click “Join the Waiting List” to be added to the community waitlist. Wait for our representatives to contact you for onboarding and enjoy the latest updates and news from our Bitfinex Honey team. You will also participate in a new online community of traders to learn the best strategies and methods to utilise Bitfinex Honey to your advantage. 

Visit Bitfinex Honey here to gain access.