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Women and Blockchain – Making a Career Pivot

Similar to pioneers such as Ada Lovelace, the ENIAC programmers, Evelyn Boyd Granville, and Annie Easley, women are leading a number of innovations in tech, including right here at Bitfinex! Welcome to our series highlighting the incredible women smashing glass ceilings and combating the stereotype of the cryptocurrency industry. 

Notice anything different about our platform in 2021? Nicer to look at, easier to use, even more intuitive? We have our most recent Women and Blockchain guest to thank for that. In this interview, she will tell us how she pivoted from a career in engineering to developing what we like to consider the best trading platform on the market.  

What did you do before joining Bitfinex?

I have been doing programming for more than 9 years after completing my bachelor’s in Engineering. Though I majored in Electronics & Communication, I liked programming subjects the most during my graduation. So there I made up my mind to start my career with programming and that proved the right decision for me. I have worked on different technologies and domains and during the journey changed roles from embedded engineer to full stack developer to the current one as a frontend developer.

Tell us about how you entered the Crypto space and what attracted you at the start

While doing my job, I got exposure to the FinTech domain and eventually got to know about the Crypto world. I got fascinated by the idea of decentralised banking, also did not want to miss Bitcoin bull runs 🙂 I got active in crypto trading the most between 2017 to 2019 and was so involved that at one point I was thinking to be a full-time trader! Crypto and blockchain seemed to be the future technology that is going to reach and benefit millions of people. 

What is your role at Bitfinex? Tell us more about your daily routine at Bitfinex

I develop frontend interfaces for different Bitfinex products to provide our users the best experience and product they would love to revisit. I work on internal as well as open-source bitfinex projects and currently lead Honey Framework frontend development. Typical day/week involves developing scalable applications, peer code review, meeting and discussion with a team, planning and helping with a new release for products.

Tell us a story or something you particularly enjoy about working at Bitfinex

Honestly, there are many things I like and not just one! The flexibility I get into planning my work, getting to work on challenging tasks, opportunities for growth and learning, its inclusive environment, talented and humble team members. Even though it’s a remote team, the work culture is the best among all the companies I have worked for so far.

Which suggestion would you give to other women looking to start a career in Crypto and/or Technology? 

Go for it, give it a try! It may seem like a new challenging area, male dominant place but that shouldn’t deter you if you are passionate about it. Once you start your career, eventually you may slip into the comfort zone, I would advise just don’t do that. Keep updating your skills, it always pays back.

Thank you for your time, Bitfinex is lucky to have such a passionate trader who understands our needs!

If you think flexibility and a great team culture might be for you, you can check our current job openings at https://bitfinex.recruitee.com/