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Bitfinex Securities and Astana International Exchange (AIX) agree on terms of cooperation

ASTANA, Kazakhstan June 8, 2023 – Bitfinex Securities Ltd, the leading platform for the issuance and trading of tokenized securities, – is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Astana International Exchange (AIX),  to establish a collaborative partnership in various mutually beneficial areas. The MOU signifies a landmark agreement between the two entities and sets the stage for future cooperation in the realm of tokenized securities and financial technology.

Bitfinex Securities, licensed in the FinTech Lab by the Astana Financial Services Authority, operates as a prominent platform for the listing and trading of tokenized securities. AIX, operating within the Astana International Financial Centre development framework, is an esteemed exchange with a focus on developing an active capital market in Kazakhstan and the region.

Under this MOU, AIX and Bitfinex Securities have identified several initiatives and shared goals for collaboration. These include the exploration of dual listing opportunities for fully fungible conventional and tokenized securities, the establishment of post-trade links between their respective securities settlement systems, and joint promotion efforts to facilitate efficient bridges between conventional and tokenized trading venues.

Olivier Guéris, Chief Operating Officer of AIX, expressed his optimism about the collaboration, stating, “AIX and Bitfinex share the belief that so-called “traditional” and “digital” finance are two sides of the same coin and their integration creates more synergies than hurdles. Both models are not antagonistic and creating bridges and fungibility between them in a fully regulated environment can only benefit issuers and investors, thereby boosting the overall liquidity of our common marketplace.”

Jesse Knutson, Head of Operations Bitfinex Securities, shared his perspective on the collaboration, saying, “We view this partnership with AIX as a crucial milestone in the technological upgrade of capital markets. By offering a cost-effective alternative to products like depository receipts, we can provide publicly listed companies with access to global liquidity. Traders and investors will benefit from real-time settlement, 24/7/365 trading, and an expanded pool of high-quality investment opportunities. We believe that dual listings could become a major driver of liquidity on both exchanges.”

AIX, formed in 2017 within the Astana International Financial Centre development framework, operates within a regulatory environment based on the principles of English Law, ensuring a reliable investment environment. AIX shareholders include AIFC, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Silk Road Fund, and NASDAQ, which also provides the AIX trading platform. The exchange’s mission is to create favourable conditions for attracting financing to private and public businesses, thus developing an active capital market in Kazakhstan and the region.

The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) serves as an independent jurisdiction with a favourable legal and regulatory environment, offering a developed infrastructure for business operations, investment attraction, job creation, and the overall economic development of Kazakhstan.

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