Bitfinex Securities announces ALT2611 Tokenized Bond Now Live  - Bitfinex blog
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Bitfinex Securities announces ALT2611 Tokenized Bond Now Live 

ASTANA, Kazakhstan, November 15 2023 – Bitfinex Securities Ltd announces the commencement of the capital raise for ALT2611, marking the introduction of one of the world’s pioneering tokenized bonds.

ALT2611, a 36-month, 10% coupon bond denominated in USDt, is issued by Alternative, a Luxembourg-based securitization fund, managed by Mikro Kapital. Quarterly coupon payments will be made in USDt. The minimum initial purchase size is set at 125,000 USDt, with secondary market trading in denominations of 100 USDt.

This tokenized bond is issued on the Liquid Network, a side chain of Bitcoin that aims to enable fast, compliant, confidential settlement, and issuance of digital assets and tokenized securities.

Mikro Kapital’s vast and diversified loan portfolio currently supports 300,000 recipients in 14 countries, totaling approximately €1.14 billion. Notably, 40% of the beneficiaries are women entrepreneurs in local and rural communities.

The capital raise is set to run for two weeks, starting on November 15th, 2023. To learn more about ALT2611 or to subscribe to this offering, please visit the capital raise page.

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About Bitfinex Securities

Bitfinex Securities, with entities registered and licensed in the AIFC and El Salvador, offers investors and issuers a regulated, efficient, and global solution for tokenized security issuances and secondary market trading. Bitfinex Securities was the first global digital asset platform licensed and registered in the AIFC and was also the first to be licensed under El Salvador’s new Digital Asset regime.

About Mikro Kapital

Mikro Kapital, established in Luxembourg in 2008, focuses on impact finance and microfinance, and operates Luxembourg securitization funds that offer investments in low-risk, creditworthy small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging countries.

Media contact for Bitfinex

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Media contact for Mikro Kapital

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