Next-Generation Video Sharing Platform Verasity (VRA) Launches on Bitfinex - Bitfinex blog
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Next-Generation Video Sharing Platform Verasity (VRA) Launches on Bitfinex

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands – MAY 30, 2022  – Bitfinex (, a state-of-the-art digital token trading platform, announced today that it is listing new markets for Verasity (VRA), a digital token designed to accelerate the evolution of esports with blockchain technology.

VRA, which is used for esports, video entertainment and digital content management, is the digital token of the Verasity platform, which offers next generation video-sharing services. The platform aims to utilize blockchain technology to create a fair system for content creators and advertisers. 

“Verasity has the vaunted aim of revolutionizing content creation and distribution,” said Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex. “The platform aims to take the best elements from traditional models and combine them with the freedom of the blockchain. This is an exciting time for creators in every field and we are excited to provide our customers with the opportunity to participate in the growing ecosystem.” 

“Bitfinex is one of the most well-established cryptocurrency exchanges in the space, with over a decade of experience in digital token markets,” said R J Mark, Founder and CEO at Verasity. “Through VRA’s listing on Bitfinex, Verasity adds another highly valuable and deep source of liquidity to our token, and we also add a new route for institutional investors to trade VRA.”

The global digital content creation market has significant growth potential, with digital tools and services playing an important role in the process for both creators and businesses. Traditional systems make it difficult for these creators to effectively monetize and control their content. With platforms and token incentives such as those offered by Verasity, the blockchain industry is primed to successfully tap into and improve upon current offerings. 

For access to VRA on Bitfinex, users can visit

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