Bitfinex Leadership - Giancarlo Devasini - Chief Financial Officer
Giancarlo Devasini is the serving CFO of Bitfinex, Inc. Giancarlo has been instrumental in the development of Bitfinex since 2013.
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Bitfinex Leadership – Giancarlo Devasini, Chief Financial Officer

Giancarlo Devasini

Chief Financial Officer

Giancarlo Devasini is the serving CFO of Bitfinex and has been instrumental in the development of Bitfinex since 2013. 

Giancarlo Devasini began his career as a physician, graduating from Milan University as a Doctor of Medicine in 1990. He soon found himself disillusioned with the quandaries of his specialty and left his practice to pursue a career more congruent with his passion for technology. Giancarlo soon found himself in the Far East seeking entrepreneurial opportunities in the booming computer hardware business.

In 1992 Giancarlo returned to Milan and founded Point-G Srl to begin importing computer parts from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for distribution throughout Europe. Over the years, Giancarlo began to identify various other niche opportunities in the industry, leading him to found Solo SpA in 1997. Solo was a pioneer in the DRAM market, creating a very successful business around sorting, rating and reselling factory “out of specs lots” from DRAM giants Micron Technology and Taiwan Semiconductor. 

Solo became the parent company of a burgeoning group of companies, including Compass Srl (1999), Alcosto SpA (2000), Freshbit SpA (2002) and Acme SpA (2004). The Solo group eventually grew to over 100 employees and EUR 113 million a year in revenues. Shortly before the financial crisis hit in 2008, Giancarlo sold Solo and retired.

Several months later, Giancarlo realised that he was unfit for retirement. When Giancarlo accidentally discovered bitcoin in early 2012, he was transfixed and quickly realised that bitcoin is where his future lay.

Giancarlo met Raphael Nicolle in late 2012, who had just put together Bitfinex from the ashes of Bitcoinica. He soon became a partner in Bitfinex and was instrumental in establishing banking relationships, attracting key personnel and re-domiciling the exchange. 

Giancarlo splits his time between London and the French Riviera. He is frequently traveling around the world to attend bitcoin conferences and visits with customers. 

To reach out to Giancarlo, please contact [email protected].

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