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Bitfinex WebSockets Telegram Bot

Today we are going to create a simple chatbot that integrates with Bitfinex market data through the WebSockets API.

There’s been a lot of talk that chat bots are the user interface of the future. While I am not quite sold that “the app is dead”, I can see a lot of scenarios where it might be more convenient to just ask a bot a direct question and get an immediate answer. The bot interface really shines when I find myself in a simple question-and-answer situation.

Given my love of chatbots and my excitement about their potential, I thought that I’d make a walkthrough video of me making one. Are you familiar with Telegram? This chatbot will find the current state of the markets on Bitfinex without having to leave your Telegram conversations (also I’ve been need an excuse to play around with their new Bot API).

On the first installment of our video series, I create a telegram bot that can give the Bitfinex ticker for any of our supported pairs. It can hopefully serve as a pretty easy to follow example of connecting to the Bitfinex WebSocket API.

Even though this started out as just a simple example, some of my friends have found it pretty useful! Hope you enjoy!

View the full API documentation, download this project on Github and check out Yago Perez’s node-telegram-bot-api project.