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The Bitfinex Affiliate Program is here!

If you want to learn more about the journey that brought us to conceive it, we recommend that you take a look at our previous post:  The [r]evolution has begun

The Bitfinex Affiliate Program: how it works

The Bitfinex Affiliate Program’s commission structure allows you to get a percentage of the trading fees on up to three degrees within your referral network. For your information, referrals (or Members) are those who are invited to join Bitfinex through your referral codes. 

Build your network and earn commissions up to three degrees

For example, Mary joins through Joe’s code, which means Mary is Joe’s referral. 

Chris joins through Mary’s code, so he is Mary’s referral. Steve then clicks on Chris’ code and signs up, so he is Chris’ referral. 

So, Mary, Chris and Steve are all in Joe’s referral network. Assuming they’re all actively trading, at the start, Joe will get 18% of Mary’s trading fees, 6% of Chris’ and 2% of Steve’s. Similarly, the scheme applies to anyone in the network. 

But that’s not all. We’re also introducing multipliers on the Bitfinex Affiliate Program commission scheme, making it even more exciting. 

Increase your revenues with multipliers

The multipliers are applicable for any of these conditions:

  • 1.2x if the affiliate is KYC verified.
  • 1.2x if a referral is KYC verified.
  • 1.1x if a referral holds more than 500 USDt LEO equivalent.
  • 1.2x if a referral holds more than 5,000 USDt LEO equivalent.
  • 1.5x if a referral holds more than 50,000 USDt LEO equivalent.

Become an Affiliate and start earning

Joining the Bitfinex Affiliate program is very easy. You can obtain access to the Affiliate Dashboard after logging in to your Bitfinex account. If you’re not a Bitfinex user, it only takes a few minutes to sign up for an account.

Bitfinex Affiliate Dashboard

On the Affiliate Dashboard, you can start by creating a referral code. You can assign a label on the code you created for better management. After the referral code is ready, you can share it within your social network. 

Bitfinex Affiliate Referral Code

The Affiliate Dashboard comes in handy for tracking your earnings, referral codes’ performance, and how your network is growing. 

We believe that the Bitfinex Referral Program will mark the dawn of a new generation of crypto communities. We will build an ecosystem, based upon mutual relationships, where every action counts and every effort matters. 

Start your Bitfinex Affiliate journey today and join the [r]evolution!

For further information, visit the Bitfinex Affiliate Program page.

You can also visit our FAQ to find the answers to any questions that you might have about the Bitfinex Affiliate Program.