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Honey Framework UI v3.1 release

Over the last few months, the Honey Framework team has had one goal in mind: To make the UI as reliable and as stable as possible. In this release, we have not only added some really cool new features but we have also fixed lots of small annoying bugs and, FINALLY, managed to support building for MacOS from our Linux build servers. So what’s new?

1. Better support for MacOS!

Although the UI has worked on previous versions of MacOS, Mojave has proved to be a real pain for us due to the changes that Apple has made to their default unzipping tool. This mean that our Linux build servers were unable to package a working version of the HF UI for Mojave. But we’ve made tonnes of progress, and rather than building the application manually, users can now download a full working version from our landing page!

Download the Honey Framework UI for MacOS here!

2. We’ve built an open-source charting library!

Originally the UI shipped with TradingView as the default charting library, which can still be enabled in the settings menu. But this wasn’t versatile enough for us, we needed more control over the rendered data so that we could better integrate algo orders/strategies into the terminal. So we decided to create our own charting library and since Bitfinex loves open source, the project was instantly available to the world. Come and collaborate with us over at the bfx-hf-chart repo.

3. New Algo order: Limit OCO

We’ve had tonnes of requests from our users asking for an order type, which once executed, submits and OCO conditional order. Well, it’s now available and as of version 3.1 you can download the honey framework and instantly start making use of this order type form either the UI of from Bitfinex.com. This order type is useful in lots of different ways, one of the most popular uses is the ability to set a limit order which already has a take-profit and stop-loss defined. 

Download now

If you would like to start using the Limit-OCO, Iceberg, TWAP or any of our other brilliant algorithmic orders then head over to honey.bitfinex.com where you can download the application for Linux, Windows or MacOS!

The Honey Framework – A short recap

Bitfinex launched The Honey Framework in March 2018 and has been working continuously to add more functionalities and capabilities. Honey is an open-source toolkit for traders to develop and implement custom, complex order types & trading strategies on the Bitfinex platform. It enables users to connect trading strategies running on their own servers directly to our trading engine and control their execution via the user interface they already know.

We upgraded the technology to accommodate more types of users by launching a simple easy-to-install application of the framework, called the Honey Framework UI. At the same time, we added more than 20 different built-in TA indicators and custom backtesting that cover all kinds of trading strategies, such as arbitrage, market making, momentum and directional. Implementing a trading strategy can be as easy as navigating to the strategy editor page and choosing from one of our example models. You’re off a good start to a new trading experience.

Thanks for reading

Fancy contributing to the project? Then please just open a pull request to https://github.com/bitfinexcom/bfx-hf-ui.

For tips on how to use the bare metal version head here and finally, for tips on how to create an advanced automated trading strategy using HF head here.