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Bitfinex Alpha | Surviving the Crypto Market dumps

We at Bitfinex, in our pursuit to make crypto accessible to everyone, are striving hard to make the best research available to every participant, irrespective of their financial background.

We have decided to write a comprehensive, data-driven and neutral report on world economics affecting Crypto, developments in the area of Bitcoin and providing cutting-edge on-chain data from the best sources available to us.

This will ensure the availability of every piece of information, to every participant, whether retail or institutional, to make a better decision based on their own metrics, in a completely unbiased way.

This week we cover inflation drivers in the current economic landscape. With new CPI data released on Friday, we discuss core FED policies and the implications on the economy. We have also made sure to discuss Total Public Debt, the procedure and drawbacks of decades of low lending rates alongside the effects of the world’s current Energy Crisis on inflation and CPI numbers.

Decentralised exchanges see a growth slump owing to DeFi’s drying liquidity but still, the wheat remains separated from the chaff.

We discussed the LUNA 2.0 launch and key differences between centralised and decentralised stablecoins. We also have a section where we track Open Interest across multiple exchanges, talk about long-term and short-term HODLers and the current price bias, SOPR ratio DeFi cumulative returns, Realised cost basis by addresses, et cetera.

We hope you like this endeavour. We look forward to your suggestion and support.

We pledge diligent work on continuously bringing the best information reporting that we can, and strive to improve, every day.