16 Jun 2017

Microservices with Grenache

Microservices are awesome! But they also bring their own problems with them. How to solve service discovery? How does distribution of tasks work between them? Distributed Hashtables are an efficient solution to these problems. In Grenache, we use Kademlia. Kademlia is also used in BitTorrent for Peer-to-Peer Networking. Today, we want to take a look at how we can use Grenache to create a microservice setup in less than 80 lines of code. Everyone knows that Node.js is bad with CPU intensive tasks, as they block our server. In our tutorial, we will create a Fibonacci number service that our other Node.js services can use.
12 Jun 2017

IOTA Launch

IOTA (IOTA) exchange trading will begin at approximately 1PM UTC on Tuesday, June 13. IOTA will be traded against USD and BTC. Margin trading for IOTA pairs will be enabled as the order book develops suitable liquidity. Several factors have gone into our decision when considering...

29 Apr 2017

Bitfinex Mobile App 2.5.1 Brings Zcash to iOS!

Update your mobile device and get support for the latest Bitfinex features. New in v. 2.5.1 for Android and iOS – Zcash (ZEC) pairs added to iOS – Landscape mode added – Keyboard improvements – Chart performance improvements - Minor fixes   Read more about the mobile apps  iOS Announcement The new 2.5.1 release on iOS brings with...

17 Mar 2017

Bitfinex Mobile App v. 2.4.0 is Here!

Update your mobile device and get support for the latest Bitfinex features. New in v. 2.4.0 (Android) – Newly Designed Trading and Funding Tabs – Added Stop-Limit Order Type – Customizable Date Format – New Language Support: Chinese (Traditional) – Minor fixes and performance improvements   Read more about the mobile apps  iOS Announcement (update March 23) The...

23 Dec 2016

Introducing: Scaled Orders

We are pleased to introduce Scaled Orders to our community of traders, adding to our array of unique features and diverse order types. Scaled orders are an algorithmic order type designed to let traders to spend less time entering orders and more time focusing on their strategy. [vc_video link='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3bKzP-cyLY;']   The scaled order algorithm...

20 Dec 2016

Faster Deposits

When it comes to trading, time is a critical component. You need to be able to react fast when the market moves. Starting today, we are offering up to 300% faster deposits on cryptocurrencies for all verified and shareholder users. To become verified or learn about how...